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3 thoughts on “Case Study 1”

  1. Mantleofpraise

    The most impactful thing I learned in Module one was the fact that I need to be reminded to just be still and know that He is God. I don’t have to practice perfecting songs as much as just being still, so I can listen to his quiet voice. Then, he will fill me and I can sit by the piano and his anointing will flow, just as my playing will flow, even if I use just two chords. God will then perfect me, as he gave me the gift of music.
    The few things I also learned will change the way I worship.
    I will more mindful of the presence of our Savior and less of my playing. He tells us to be still and know that he is God.

  2. I spend time alone with God by simply being in His presence. I always let the Holy Spirit lead me into and through that time. I come in with a heart of wanting to enjoy my forever Papa and receive whatever He wants to share with me. Some days I get pure silence and even that is totally okay! Because I know He is with me and knows me. I lay my heart down before Him and let Him do whatever He wants. I spend this alone time enjoying being His precious daughter 😀
    The most impactful things I learned was being alone with God in worship and not worrying about looking up chords and songs. I really love how you point out that you can tell who spends alone time with God and who doesn’t. It helped me look into my life and I discovered that I don’t want to pour out from an empty vessel. I want to pour out from a vessel that is full of the Holy Spirit. Spending time with God is so needed for that!

    I learned to keep worship simple. Because its not about how well you play or how well you sing when your heart is focused on the Lord and not the audience. 

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