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14 thoughts on “Introduction to Module 1”

    1. Hi Bonnie, so glad you are loving this! You can download the eBook by clicking on one of the yellow buttons in the introduction unit. You can view it on your phone, computer, or tablet. But the most popular method for my students is to print it out and have it nearby the keyboard šŸ™‚

  1. Jessica Smallman

    Thanks Nina! Your heart is so pure and beautiful for Jesus its contagious! I love the passion in your desire to teach us to seek a personal connection to Christ in our alone time. This is so powerful and true! thanks for all you do to help grow the Kindgom of God šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica!! The biggest revelations I’ve ever gotten from Jesus were during my alone time with Him. It’s such a gift!

  2. Nina whatever you speak always touch my heart. just feel like cry out!! Am sure God is speaking me through you

  3. Alexander Jones

    How true Nina! It is my alone time with God that I find my strength and inspiration. Loved Psalms 57:7Alexander Soltys Jones

  4. Hi Nina,
    By God’s grace, I would like to inform you that the technical issue is resolved and I manage to watch your video “Introduction to Module 1” today.

    I am so glad that you have insisted to put God first by sharing about spending time alone with God and making it the first module of this course. You have given me a whole new perspective on the verse of Matthew 6:5-6 and how I could connect with God intimately through the keyboard!

    If by any chance, I did not manage to learn and play the keyboard in a way that you have intended for this course. I still believe that I will learn and take away from this single module on spending alone time with God using the keyboard at the very least!

    God bless you and please pray for me in this learning journey that I will glorify Him and help to bring the body of Christ closer to our Lord, one way or another through the gift of music!

  5. Therese Leboffe

    God first – yes yes yes!!! I totally relate to getting swept away by the busy-ness of my day then apologizing to God for not spending the time. The hymn “The Church’s One Foundation” comes to mind. Personal worship with God – God first – is the foundation for ministry. Start there. Great reminder to bring me back to the heart of worship, the foundation of worship – I need to close the door, leave the scripted music behind and sing to the Lord a new song, whatever is in my heart.

    1. Never heard of that song before and it’s so beautiful! And yes, sing whatever is on your heart. He is so near <3

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