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14 thoughts on “Introduction to the Course”

  1. Hi Nina,

    I’m so excited to have found your piano lessons. And this first video just confirmed I’m doing the right thing. I’ve always wanted to learn piano since I was six, but my parents couldn’t afford It. later as grown up I took some lessons but It just was overwhelming, specially all the theory and so on. So I’ve learnt some classical songs by memory, but never could actually play any other thing, and of course, memory doesn’t work for too long. I become a Christian 4 years ago (now I’m 33) and I really have a crazy longing to be able to worship God playing piano and guitar, so just started with some tutorials but It’s the same again, memory and no improving. But this week I received a prophetic work about music and impacting people through songs I’ll write and play, so I’m taking a step of faith and believing God will work It out If I do my part. Thank you for making It easy! Can’t wait to start!! God bless you!


  2. Hi Nina,
    I’m Florence Everett, and I’m very thankful for finding your piano course to help me play for the LORD in
    my Church. I’m excited!

  3. Sreshta Praveen

    Hey Nina!
    I’m Sreshta Praveen✨

    It’s truly God’s will that I am here and I am looking forward to this journey ahead!
    Taking a break from playing almost 7 years ago I admit I’m super nervous but since Jesus led me here.. I know He’ll be with me? I believe your course is going to definitely change my keyboard game! Having learnt the keyboard before in the most theoretical way possible and not even being equipped to play a single sing always bothered me, and held me back from taking a step forward. From moving ahead.

    But now I fully know that I am at the right place, at the right time and with God’s strength and your support Nina!
    I am going to make this happen?


    1. This is sooo beautiful and I’m SO excited for you!! So thankful for your beautiful “yes” to God and what He’s calling you to! <3

  4. Hi Nina!
    I’m very excited about your course! I have wanted to follow a course and use chords to play songs to worship the Lord for a long time.

    1. Awh I’m so happy to hear that! I’m sure God sees that and is absolutely glorified when you worship <3

  5. Hi Nina i love worship music but never got very far with piano. Thank you for sharing your platform and your gift. I look forward to these sessions. Hopefully i will be able to play them as beautiful as you do.

  6. Dominique Hickson

    Hello Nina!
    I am a missionary in China and playing piano has been a passion of mine since I started at 6 years old. My Mom actually encouraged me to play piano in elementary school and told me that I was gifted in it! But when I got older, I stopped for a while until I picked it back up again in college when my Mom bought me a keyboard. At that time I had recommitted myself to be in relationship with Jesus (I come from a believing family but didnt have a personal relationship with God until I came to college, what an amazing day that changed my life!) I even subscribed to your YouTube channel four years ago where I learned how to play one worship song. On the weekends I would stay up late at night just playing that song over and over on the keyboard. One day, I was invited to perform at a college Christian event. However, as I was nervously playing in front of crowd of college students, someone got up and cut my worship performance off. I was embarrassed especially since it was my first playing in front of others in a long time. I went through a period of not feeling good enough to play nor sing worship songs so I stopped again.
    I have lived in China for almost 4 months now and unfortunately my Dad passed away in early May back in my home country America. When I first arrived here, I heard God’s voice calling me to worship before Him again. He told me He loves to hear His sweet little girl playing piano. So for my birthday at the end of May and not too long after my Dad passed, my friends here bought me a piano!!! And to my surprise, I did not know you had this website nor this piano course. I actually found it after praying and asking God on how to begin learning actual piano (I learned how to play different worship songs from your channel but never knew how to play chords, just by ear and visually ?) I am so excited to embark on this new journey of worship playing and singing! Thank God for what He offers through you!

    Love always and forever,

  7. Hello Nina, I am joining to develop theory memorization and also since I believe God wants me to develop keyboard skills to connect to Him through worship music, and help others do the same. I believe that your resource can help me in this area.

  8. Mike Cleveland

    Hi Nina,

    I have looked at other piano courses, but they were not from a worship point of view, so I thought I would bore of them easily. But when I found your course, and saw how piano has affected your worship and growth in the Lord, I signed up happily.

    I pastor a church in Southwest Washington state, and I’m now learning to play piano as I’d love to surprise our church by simply playing one day and leading them to worship Jesus. He means so much to me, has saved and rescued me, and I love to preach the gospel for Him, but now I’m excited about playing for Him too.

    Thank you for making this course available.


    1. What a beautiful testimony. I’m actually very excited to hear how your church responds to the surprise! Thank you for sharing. I am beyond honored. May God be gloried through this all.

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