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20 thoughts on “Introduction to the Course”

  1. Alexander Jones

    Yes I agree Nina. If God created the beauty of music how much more beautiful the Creator must be. I wrote a song and part of the lyrics are God first, God alone, God always. I am in and ready to start expanding my musical talents for God. Alexander Soltys Jones

    1. I love this! Thank you for always bringing it back to Jesus. Can’t wait to see what the Lord does in me through this course.

  2. Lindsay Psolka

    Thanks Nina!!! I just want to simply come to the Father and bring my heart to Him! He always meets us to sweetly. I agree, I love it when what He is showing us and bringing us through in our personal walk throughout the week comes into play during worship. Excited to go deeper musically!

  3. What a beautiful introduction! Thank you for sharing your heart and honest testimony about your journey that God has brought you through. Putting God first is the only way to go and I’m glad your ministry lives that model.
    On a personal note, I am so excited because right now my church is only capable of using backing tracks and I feel that I have been led here.
    Thank you Nina for your dedication to this ministry. Keep Praising!

  4. Dominique Hickson

    Nina I am so excited to get started with learning how to lead others into the warm presence of our amazing Heavenly Father! Back in 2017, there was a Prophet that spoke over me “You have the heart of a worshipper”. Then he said he could see in my room singing to Jesus Christ. I was so wow’d! I always had a heart for learning how to use my piano playing to minister to the Father. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences in this video! 

  5. I definitely feel called to share music, but never felt good enough. Really excited for this course and putting a lot of trust into it! Thank you for sharing your talents!!

    1. So excited for you Katrina! I believe that God brought you here and pray that you encounter Him as you worship alone – and then lead others to encounter Him in worship and singing!

  6. Joann Gonzales

    I here you. I am the same way, I love doing small groups. I led worship for a long time, but their is something about being in a small group setting. For me personally the Presence of the Lord becomes more intimate.

  7. Hi Nina. I agree, great introduction. I too believe that God led me here. I’ve been singing in our worship team for some time now. Two, two and half years ago, we lost our keyboard player and I felt God calling me into playing the keyboard. I had taken 1 year of piano lessons when I was in 6th grade and started searching for online lessons. That’s when I found lessons on using chords and things started to click. I was only about 3 months in when I started playing with our worship team. I’ve used your tutorials on YouTube and that’s what I would practice with to learn new songs. You don’t know how many times I’ve looked at your course and said I should do it as our entire team struggled with transitions. I recently went to a Women’s Retreat and the Holy Spirit spoke to me. His message was for me to stop looking for what God is going to do and to let it begin with me. . . to be vulnerable and real. And finally. . . either do it or get out of the way. Ouch! That’s when your course came to my mind again. You have such a sweet spirit and truly know the meaning of worship. It’s all about Jesus. So instead of “I should do your course”, I AM doing your course. I’m ready to get better and move on to the next place that God has for me. Blessings to you!

    1. Wow Deborah ? Sitting here and tearing up by your story. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s crazy that you’re sharing that “do it or get out of the way” part. I have experienced that similar word as well! I felt that if I don’t step up – someone else will, but I’ll miss out on such a beautiful life with the Lord.

  8. Therese Leboffe

    Nina – what a gift you have! Thank you for putting this all together and continuing to add to it! I signed up for this course after finding one of your tutorials on YouTube. A Godsend! About a year ago I was asked if I would help with worship at my small church. When I say “help”, there was no band, there were no singers – the pastor was leading worship acapella. So when I started leading worship it was just me, acapella, despite the fact I play piano. Why?
    Because I needed sheet music – I couldn’t play from a chord chart. Well, not exactly accurate: I could sit down and figure it out, but it would be a tedious and time-consuming process. I tried several courses to help me make the transition from sheet music to chord charts but it wasn’t until I watched one of your YouTube videos that it clicked for me. I totally get your whole approach and am grateful that I can say, “I finally found my teacher”. Looking forward to the course. Blessings upon blessings!

    1. Wow. What an incredible testimony!! Thank you so much for sharing that! I feel like every person connects with a certain teacher and I’m so honored that you feel that way about me! So so thankful for you and this beautiful community of people who love Jesus and want to worship in Spirit and Truth.

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