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14 thoughts on “Keyboard Lesson 1”

  1. Mantleofpraise

    Nina, you are a breathe of fresh air! You have a pure and awesome spirit that carries your thoughts to a greater understanding of how to worship the Father. I love how you explained the way you worship spontaneously. This is not an easy lesson to teach and demonstrate. I understand too well, the feeling of guilt when Ministry gets so busy that you don’t spend the time with God. You have a busy day at work or home, then you must practice your songs because you are ministering that night. You find yourself tired on the alter of God, unprepared. All you have is some chord sheets with lyrics and you feel you are performing, the minute you open your mouth and play a few notes. The guilt is terrible and everything feels rushed! Yes, you can always tell when a worship leader did not spend time with God. Yet God many times came through and soaked me in his anointing and he still used me to touch hearts! He is so gracious! Great lesson! Thank you so much.


    1. Miriam, your comment made me tear up!? its definitely not easy to demonstrate and I’m so glad that you connected so well with what I was trying to convey ❤❤ thank you!

  2. Michelle Theile

    I am so excited to see the depth of your heart, and to learn from your piano course . I have been learning for a couple years and this is the next natural progression of everything that I need to enhance worship for others and myself. thank you for your transparency, God bless you!

  3. Thank Nina for sharing and teaching this! This is so precious! On how to spend alone time with God, in a practical way and not just say it, you showed it! … Honestly, I teared and felt that anointing and His presence! And yes, no condemnation when u didn’t have the time to spend time with God.

    Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,
    Romans 8:1 NIV

    Jesus who died on the cross took our condemnation. Since we are in Christ and we shall not be condemned.

    Be greatly blessed!
    Michelle Poh

    1. Yes YES! It’s amazing to receive a response from someone who has experiences this freedom that we have from Christ Jesus!

  4. Nina, I struggled quite awhile with whether to purchase this course, because I have already been playing keyboard this way for quite awhiLe. Obviously I did, even if just to bless YOU 🙂 But I am already immensly blessed.

    God is taking me out of myself, and the way you share your worship experiences with such honesty and passion is what He wanted me to be encouraged and guided in.

    So, I thank you for your transparency. A good leader leads by example and I am blessed by your life.

    1. Thank you so much Elaine, I’m so blessed to hear that you are inspired. Also, it’s amazing that you play like that, would love to hear your playing sometime!

  5. Rebecca Alvarado

    How can anyone listen to you and not fall more in love with the Father. Thank you for being an example of a TRUE worshipper! Thank you for inspiring me to go deeper with my Father and my worship time at the piano. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned so generously and with the heart I believe all your students truly want to have. God bless you Nina!!

  6. Jessica Smallman

    What a sweet way to play and read. Thanks for modeling this, it was so refreshing. This is totally going to revolutionize my personal time with the lord! I can’t wait. What I learned through this video was the things I’m already doing I can just apply to the quiet time with the Lord, at the piano in worship, and I am so excited to put this to practice.
    (I love Dan Mohler too 🙂 Your story at the end really hit home as the reality of “sharing the piano”
    Thank you Nina!

    1. Awh! Thanks for mentioning Dan – he really teaches the pure gospel, which is amazing! thank you so much for your sweet comment <3 🙂

  7. Ooohooouuufff wow!! This is what I really wanted to learn from before thank you sooo soo much … I use to go blang ….when I speak don’t know what to play n how to play ! Now I got it soo excited to aplied next worship.

  8. Dominique Hickson

    As I was practicing playing along with you I was so shocked to find myself playing with my eyes closed for the first time ever!!! Excited to practice this in the presence of the Lord and just be able to speak from my heart to Him!

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