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5 thoughts on “Black Keys”

    1. Awh I’m so glad to hear that Sarai! The only thing I’ll add to that is both the two AND three black keys can be sharps AND flats. Each black key has two names – a flat and a sharp. It all depends on where you get your chords from!

  1. hey I have a bit of confusion, is the E white key also the F flat key? and is the white B key also the C flat key? is the d key the flat for the E key?

    1. Hi Marc, Yes technically the “E” key would be the Fb key. However, it’s very rare to see that in musical chord sheets. I personally have never seen a Fb (F flat key) in worship song chords. The “C” key is technically a B#. However, I have never seen a B# (B sharp) in any worship song chords. I hope that answers your question.

      You also asked about the D key. The D key has a black key to the left (Db) and to the right (D#). So the white “D” key would not be a flat for the E. However, the black key to the right of the white D key would be either a D# or a Eb. Each black key has two names. It can be a Eb or a D#. Both names are correct for each black key.

  2. the videos together with labels on keys, and the flash cards are helpful for me to memorize and compare the black keys. I am looking forward to memorizing the chords.

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