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4 thoughts on “Case Study”

  1. Ok, I really couldn’t stop myself of watching all the lessons at once but I’m starting to practice right now. The play patterns and how to change them It really blown my mind! We are right now in a planting church with my pastors and we don’t have almost any worship because we only have one girl who plays a little bit of guitar, but so old fashion songs, so I’m so excited to learn some songs and start actually worshiping in our meetings. Thank you for all those useful lessons. God bless you Nina!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that Iva!! Sounds like there is a great opportunity for leadership there. May God give you grace and wisdom <3

  2. Dominique Hickson

    Nina! This course was absolutely AMAZING! I tried to “teach” myself piano by just learning from YouTube and that only helped me learn about two songs. But after taking your course I can now play any song that the Lord places on my heart! I even decided to step into worship here in Ch!na while i do M work 🙂 I am going to continue to practice what I have learned from this course and will soon sign up for the piano ministry course!

  3. Renee Battenberg

    Thank you for tutorials! I am enjoying playing again! You are amazing and keep it simple for us all!

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