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6 thoughts on “Keyboard Lesson 4”

  1. Wow!! Before I use to go blank!! I was not aware what to play during prayer!. I got it thnx.

  2. I will defintely use this technique. Thank you for the chords during prayer and getting in touch with the Lord. I would always try to play some song with prayer now Nina had taught us how to tap in with just 4 chords. I can image how beatiful those chords will sound with a symphonic tone on keyboard or digital piano. I can hear it now ” Joeann i didnt know you played piano” then i can give them info on how they can play but it does takes self discipline.

  3. I will admit i was slow getting started with Nina but i had to make decision to just dive right in. Glad i made that decision. It is paying off really great for me. Thank you Nina for the discount. I would like to know how to convert some sheet music into chords especialy hymns. Some songs in chords by others i notice the dont play as good as Nina’s chords. It could be the type of percussion instrument being used. Thank you Nina!

  4. Annalia Skinner

    Love it! This is so perfect for prayer time. I will definitely use this every time I can. Thank you so much!

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