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4 thoughts on “Simple Play Pattern”

  1. Caleb Marshall

    I am working on becoming efficient on the keyboard to relieve my pastor from having to play during worship. I know my cords, scales, and progressions, however, I am having trouble making my hands work indecently of one another, keeping rhythm, and using a play pattern that is up to par with what he uses. He plays very well but has a hard time explaining what he does. He plays chords but to the beat of the other musicians then uses a single key in between chord changes. Any tips, tricks, or exercises are greatly appreciated. Thanks for the quality video lessons. God Bless!

    1. Hey Caleb, thanks for sharing all that! I’m sure your pastor appreciates you SO MUCH. I have lessons on rhythm and how to play together with both hands. Have you seen them yet? Otherwise, I’d practice doing different things with your hands while driving, sitting down – it’s a skill that your brain needs to learn – doing different things with both hands.

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