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3 thoughts on “Bonus – Performance Anxiety”

  1. Rebecca Alvarado

    Hi Nina, this has been such an amazing piano ministry course. I found you last year when I was reluctantly applying to play keys for our church because I had never played publicly before and my knowledge was severely limited. I knew regardless, I wanted to learn how to play worship music more freely and beautifully at home in my personal time. Fast forward to now and I’ve been playing in our church since around October. There have been numerous awkward moments and lessons learned along the way but your course has given me the best background information and help. Our church is pretty large but most of us are not professional musicians. Our worship leader is phenomenal and plays the acoustic guitar. He has very little knowledge of keys and cannot help much. There has been no training for this position so I have valued your tutorials and ministry immensely. But I have to say, my favorite part is the encouragement and love that you consistently pour out… and also constantly reminding us of Who we are doing this for. Thank you for using your gift to help so many others. You are such a blessing Nina!

  2. Annalia Skinner

    Thank you so much Nina for this bonus! It really touched me because I am that way sometimes and I don’t need to be. Thank you so much for this amazing course that you put together and I know that it will help me in the future. Thank you!

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