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5 thoughts on “Ending”

  1. I have a question about synthesizers. You referred to them a couple of times in the units on soaking music. I have a synth but am new as to what combinations of instruments to use and would like to know what are the most common settings. When you are playing background music, would “strings” be a possible choice as the tone is held indefinitely and thus, you’d have continuous sound through out the 8-12 counts?
    Thanks for your courses. I’ve learned a lot and so appreciate your talents and love for the Lord.

    Many blessings to you and your family,

    1. That’s a really good question, Ann! Yes, strings would be a great choice – but it depends on the type of keyboard you are using.

      The best keyboard I’ve seen with the best synth sounds has been the Nord keyboard. They have the ambient sounds that are so great for prayer sounds. But I’ve using strings before too since it’s the only option on my keyboard. I combine the piano and string sound and play with them both.

  2. Hi Nina, do u ever tryed to play Church, jazz, Gospel Organ, Harpichord on keyboard? is it better to play organ by piano notes instead of chords A-B.
    I know the old traditional organ they use in prayer housed, small churches where old people together to sing and pray, they have organ but accustic organ, and they have all this functional switches, for flute, string, bass, etc.. How do i actually know how to use this switches on organ? And all the pedals that look like piano keys, I´m confused?

    1. Hi Andre, what a great question! I have tried jazz for a specific worship song and LOVED it – but it’s definitely a style that I need to grow more in!

      I have seen one of those organs before and have no idea how to navigate those piano-looking pedals either! It’s definitely an older art, but worth learning!

  3. I dont feel this was enough for 260 and the instuctors dialoguing was not to on spot. She giggled to much, why were not given some chord spiritual songs. I learned a few things but i want more such as playing 7m chords.

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