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Ministry looks different for many people…

..Some are ministering with their music on stage, while others are more passionate about small group and individual worship.

When I was in a worship group at a small church as a keyboard player.

There were SO many things I wished to have known.

I wish I knew the best chords to play during prayer…

Or during a sermon…

Or during my alone time with God.

And back then, nobody taught on these topics at all.

I felt so stuck.

I even had people telling me to “stop playing please”

After going through some tough times…

I learned A TON

And my goal is to equip YOU with everything you need to minister at the piano.

If you feel called to piano ministry – this course is for you.


• You want to play seamlessly in worship but don’t know where to start?

• You want to transition smoothly between songs?

• You want to play beautifully in ANY situation (prayer, while someone is speaking)?

• You want to play during your own prayer time, but not sure what?


What’s Included?


Piano Ministry Course HD Video Content ($240 value)

Easy-to-use Student Dashboard ($60 value)

Printable Piano Ministry eBook ($25 value)

Chord Progression Cheat Sheet ($15 value)

Course Timeline Checklist ($7 value)

Library of 200+ song tutorials (priceless)

Here's what others are saying...

Hi Nina, this has been such an amazing piano ministry course. Your course has given me the best background information and help. Our church is pretty large but most of us are not professional musicians. Our worship leader is phenomenal and plays the acoustic guitar. He has very little knowledge of keys and cannot help much. There has been no training for this position so I have valued your tutorials and ministry immensely. But I have to say, my favorite part is the encouragement and love that you consistently pour out… and also constantly reminding us of Who we are doing this for. Thank you for using your gift to help so many others.


How can anyone listen to you and not fall more in love with the Father. Thank you for being an example of a TRUE worshipper! Thank you for inspiring me to go deeper with my Father and my worship time at the piano. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned so generously and with the heart I believe all your students truly want to have. God bless you Nina!!


God is taking me out of myself, and the way you share your worship experiences with such honesty and passion is what He wanted me to be encouraged and guided in.

So, I thank you for your transparency. A good leader leads by example and I am blessed by your life.


After the first module, I had the most astounding worship time alone. I went to my piano, and it was amazing. Once I started to play, the words and melody just flowed. It was not entirely new to me, I have seen it done before and done it a few times myself but never like that. It was so deep and profound, more than I have ever experienced before. Thank you so much for a fantastic course to pass on what you have learned. It is so great!