Kids’ Piano Academy


I believe that playing the piano is an art.

In art, children learn certain “SKILLS” – but the creativity part is up to them!

The Kids’ Piano Academy method has been exactly that – giving kids the “skills” they need, but leaving the creativity part up to them! This has been the most successful method when teaching children to play the piano, since they naturally LOVE music from the moment they start hearing in the womb!

…and, unfortunately, that love for music gets discouraged by all the “music theory” that common music education provides today.

On top of that, parents pay an average of $2,400 a year for those kinds of music theory lessons!

I spent two years taking everything we had learned studying these beginner piano players and the beautiful sound they created and broke down what I found into FIVE secrets that will help your child learn to play songs within weeks, not years!


☑ Kids’ Piano Academy Video Lessons ($1,780 Value) ☑ Student Dashboard Accessible from Any Device 24/7 ($300 Value) ☑ Digital Copy of Kid’s Piano Academy eBook ($35 Value) ☑ Kids’ Piano Songbook ($38 Value) ☑ Kid’s Piano Songbook Tutorial Library ($97 Value) ☑ Printable Flash Cards ($28 Value) ☑ Printable Sticker Chart ($18 Value) ☑ Physical Spiral-bound 126 page Lesson & Activity Book ($48 Value) ☑ USA-Made Goodie “Surprise” Bag ($120 Value) ☑ Cardstock Certificate of Completion ($18 Value) ☑ Sand Timer ($18 Value) Total Value: $2,500…